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Unisec Bangladesh is the country chapter for UNISEC global. Unisec global was established with the goal of facilitating use of space science and technology among individual and institutions. It envisions,“By the end of 2020, let’s create a world where university students can participate in practical space projects in more than 100 countries”
Established in 2014, Unisec Bangladesh is a local entity, expanding the activities of Unisec Global in Bangladesh.“UNISEC-Global is an international nonprofit body, consisting of local-chapters across the world. Since its establishment in November 2013 in Japan, UNISEC-Global has provided a forum every year to promote practical space development activities, mainly at university level, such as designing, developing, manufacturing, launching and operating micro/nano/pico satellites and rockets, including their payloads. University students, young researchers, their tutors and other stakeholders around the world participate in the annual UNISEC-Global Meeting. We have an average of more than 130 participants from about 33 countries in each Meeting.”

Mission & Vision

The Vision of UNISEC Bangladesh is to,
“Achieve a firm foundation to innovate in space science in order to tackle socio and economic challenges in Bangladesh through building and launching CubeSat in-house by 2021.”
Our objective is to connect the bright and enthusiastic minds of Bangladesh to come together and collaborate on a scientific basis. Satellite engineering is not a single topic. It is rather a combination of multiple discipline. Whether you are a mathematician or a 3D model artist, your skills are valuable in this field. We hope to show you how to utilize your skills to achieve something remarkable.

Our Activities

Our activities are inspired by free and open sharing of knowledge. Regardless of your profession or age, we encourage you to connect with us. Although, some of your activities are student only, such as attending UNISEC Mission Idea Contest; other programs are much more general. We have programs which are specific for children or teenager, hoping we will inspire them enough to pursue careers in STEM. Our activities are listed, but not limited to the following,

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Raihana Shams Islam Antara

Point of Contact(POC), UNISEC-Bangladesh

BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1742414402

Email: raihanashams.antara@gmail.com

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